NOTE: Hikers! Joe Milby's Trail Guide is Below for this Hike!

44 Mile Hikers

Pen Mar Park
Arrive at 2:45 AM, step off at 3:00 AM.  First segment to support station is 10.3 miles--mostly dark.

Dean Kern
Jacob Williams           
Christopher Staley    
Christina Rizoulis    
Anthony Rizoulis    
Dominic Quattrochi    
Brandon Swisher
Hank Prater         
Joe Milby        
Mark Mckennet        
Brian Janz        
Christina Horst     

Bebe Finkennstaedt

Gregory Hill        
Jason Henline       
Kara Heinzl        
Drew Goldstein        
Patricia Carrion       
Millie Bardales       
Lesly Bardales                 
Trevor Lowing 
Kara Nichols
Rachel Switzer
Darling Degraff

David Ruiz

22 Mile or Section Hikers

Laura Bigelow        
Fritz Beuker        
Joyce Duffy        
Carrie Cumbo        
Michelle Rowan
Ellen B    
Carrie Cumbo
Christopher Leclair

Carole Woltz
Craig Green
Susan Tessier
Katrin Lancaster
Cassy Lancaster
Becky Sappington
Marci Doll
Nick Del Grosso

Support Team


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Support Stations

HIKE STARTS at Pen Mar Park at

Support Station 1 7:00am
Wolfsville Road, Smithsburg
(10.3 miles hiked)

Support Station 2 12:00pm
Monument Road, Washington Monument State Park
(21.9 miles hiked)

Support Station 3 4:00pm
Gapland Road, Gathland State Park
(31.1 miles hiked)

Support Station 4 7:00pm
Weverton Road, Weverton Cliffs Parking Lot

(37.8 miles hiked)

END.  WV side of Harper's Ferry Bridge

Joe Milby's 44 Mile Trail Guide

Joe Milbys Trail Guide.png

Thank you for Participating!