We started with our first hike on June 17, 2017 with six attendee's. As far as we know, those six never came back. Since then we have approximately twenty-three hundred members and anywhere from 40-60 in attendance on any given weekend through out the summer. Relationships have formed strong bonds and there is even talk of marriages forming among members who met on the trail! We look forward to an ever growing community as we receive and meet new faces every week!

Realtor Brandon Swisher
Founder of Hike for Beer

Brandon is a passionate hiker who hiked SOBO from PA-TN in 2015 after his Honorable discharge of 5 years of active duty to the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman, Ground Sensor Operator, and one of two in the Company Level Intelligence Cell. He lived in Japan for two years, and saw two combat deployments to Afghanistan.

Brandon is a Maryland Real Estate Agent. He also Founded SFN Business Networking in Germantown, MD and is the owner of Camping in Style and Semper-Fi Real Estate Holdings.