CV-19 Crew


Respecting each others health and our own, we will get out of the house and do some low key hikes and camp outs practicing CDC guidelines!

(Dates and specific locations will not be posted here to protect safety in numbers.)

Review the 3 Options Below!

3 Option's in a Snapshot

A quick overview.



(1) Springfield


* Pretty Lakes (3)
* White Rocks View
* Remote area
* Closest drive
* Rugged trail and climb in beginning
Not supposed to camp there
Not a lot of flat space to open up and move around and spread out camping tents

Seclusion Level: 8
Thurmont, MD

(2) Fire Tower


(3) Appalachian Trail on Creek


* Views & Cool Camp Spot already set up
* Secluded
* Out and back Hike to Chimney Rock 
via A.T. right there.
* Explore Fire Tower
* Awesome cycling roads all over the mountain
Con's - Furthest drive to site **Short easy hike to camp area (.5 mile)

Seclusion Level: 9
Waynesboro, PA

* Camp On a beautiful creek
* Very Short walk to campsite from road
* Direct access to 5 mile loop including Chimney Rock and Shaeffer Rocks
* Camping is permitted (A.T.)
* Nice flat, open camping areas
Con's - Day hikers, but barely any (Remote section)

Seclusion Level: 7.9
Waynesboro, PA

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Expanded Details

This hike starts at the bottom of the hill/mountain, near Springfield Manor but not at their property. You hike up a pretty good climb on a trail that has not been maintained in over a year. At 1.7 miles you reach the beautiful White Rock overlook. We would rest here and have a snack.

Upon departing White Rock overlook, we resume the hike on well defined and established trails past a series of three ponds. This area is secluded and pretty; with rolling hills.

We would have to get creative to make a camping / picnic area. Its doable, but just not as set up as the others. Very cool and unique area, right near Frederick.


Expanded Details

Fire Tower


This hike starts at a closed gate fire road where we park the cars in a wide 4 way remote gravel road intersection. Backpack in the roughly 1/2 mile and explore the fire tower which already has a seating area and fire pit built among the pines. You will see distant views of "High Rock" as you walk. 

From this hang out spot there is a short side trail connecting to the Appalachian Trail where we can do a 5 mile out-and-back hike from here to Chimney Rock (PA), an excellent view!

Just down from the fire tower is a very cool pine forest with seats and fire pit already set up. Lots of wide open, flat & comfy spots to spread out tents with social distancing in mind!

Plenty of gated off fire trails to bike or hike and explore!  This is a very remote area. We could potentially see 0-4 people.


Appalachian Trail on Creek

Expanded Details


This is a near camping area with a series of bridges across a meandering creek. It is a very close walk to the road. We could be a little more "glampy" here with the proximity to our cars on carrying things. Nice and flat areas to space out tents right along the creek.

It is also close to a park which has potable drinking water and open restrooms.

This is directly on the Appalachian Trail and is near the beginning of the Chimney Rock accent (from the opposite direction of the Fire Tower hike to it). Chimney Rock is a beautiful view and picnic spot! We can the veer off on a blue trail to complete a loop hike passing some neat creeks and Shaeffer Rocks which is a natural rock tower people rope climb on.