Lake Powell 

Hiking, Swimming, Exploring, AND MORE!

July 5 - July 15 2019

Several Part Trip!
Phoenix, Five Days on Lake Powell, Flagstaff AZ, Caving, Sedona, and Scottsdale!

July 5 - July 15 2019

2 Nights in Hotel: $180 each

Rental Car: $600
House Boat: $2700

Cost Per Person: $700 plus flight: $485 each (after taxes and fees), and shared fuel, and spending money.
8-Person Cap
**Plus spending money, food money, and chipping in for fuel for both car and boat.

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1st Stop  | Discover the Valley of the sun, Phoenix, Arizona!

2nd Stop |  House Boat & Adventure on Lake Powell

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Specs of our Houseboat

3rd Stop - Northern Flagstaff, AZ and Caving

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4th Stop | Sedona, Arizona

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We got a Houseboat!!!

Fishing, swimming and water skiing in comfortable 70-80 degree water, hiking, and exploring a myriad of side canyons that narrow to just a boat width as they twist away from the main channel and make for fascinating exploration all on Lake Powell in Arizona!

We will spend nights on the beaches under the stars. Hiking from the lake into the very rugged environs of Glen Canyon Recreation Area is an must for the adventurous! 

July 5th - Fly into Phoenix and explore the city!  Stay in reserved hotel.
July 6th - Get our Houseboat and load up! We will adventure on the lake for 5 full days.

July 11th - Drive to Flagstaff Arizona where Brandon has dibs on a million dollar mountain lodge (FREE). We will enjoy Flagstaff and go caving in Lava River Cave.

July 14th -  Depart Flagstaff and make several stops through Sedona, AZ to experience the beautiful Slide Rock Park, and the famous Red Rocks, and great shopping!

July 14th (evening) - Stay in a hotel once more near Phoenix in Scottsdale, AZ.

July 15th - Fly home!

Serious bargain at $700 each plus airfare, spending money and split fuel costs upon arrival. 
Start making payments now as you wish and finish paying the $700 by June 5th. Get your plane ticket at Southwest Airlines, flight #3532. Other costs once you get there--Food, shared fuel for rental car and boat, and spending cash.

Make a payment of $1 or more to sign up now!

Flight Details