Hello Business Owners, Breweries, Wineries, Taverns, Pubs, Venues, and Restaurants!

Hike for Beer was started in 2017 on the Meetup Website
by Realtor Brandon Swisher, focusing on
Frederick, MD.


HFB on Meetup currently has 1,524 members and grows by an average of 9 members daily, shown in this screenshot below.


HFB on Facebook currently has 742 members and grows by an average of 5 members daily, shown in this screenshot here.

Facebook 2.png

We hold events every Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes during the week.  Each event brings in 40 to 90 people every weekend.

This recent past event shows that 
76 people attended.


This event shows that 40 people attended.


This event shows that 40 people attended.


This event shows that 70 people attended.


Hike for Beer has excellent relationships with local breweries and establishments and would like to have one with you too.

After each hike or event, HFB goes to a brewery, tavern, pub, or restaurant for food and beers. HFB brings in an additional $400 - $1800 in sales to each establishment visited. HFB is also proud of being great tippers. 

Brandon Swisher is an excelled writer and marketer. He writes a very popular blog with a huge number of followers which features each hike and event. Special attention is focused on writing about the venue chosen. This blog post gets shared, tagged, and hash tagged on each platform to be seen by all our local followers and are shared by most who attend each hike and event.

If you are interested in partnering please respond to Brandon Swisher to get on the list of preferred Partners for free today. He can be reached by either method below.



Thank you!