Annapolis Rocks! | October 13, 2018

Hellooooo and Welcome Back! Let me tell you something about this Annapolis Rocks hike we did, mmmmmmkay? It was AWESOME!

A bunch of new people showed up, (which I love because I get to talk to new people and learn about their lives!)

A small group of us did something a little different when we got to the view......

we hiked a little loop going down to the bottom of the cliffs view and then scaling the walls coming back up!

There are some really beautiful rock formations if you actually make your way to the bottom...this part of the hike should not be missed!

We made out way back and hit the road to Dan's Tap House. We had a great time there as we spent another hour together sharing food and spirits!

Thanks you all for coming out! Keep being awesome; see you out there!

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