Chimney Rock Hike | Slip 'n Slide Party

The day started with a promise and a puddle.

The number of those signed up to the hike was ticking down gracefully as predictions of rainy skies turned hikers’ gaze to the comforts of their homes.

But the tough and determined explorers of the bunch decided that no rain would stop them so the hike was on! We were even graced with the presence of local Gym Owners (prior Golds Gym), WBO Health and Fitness and their family! We capitalized on the rainy day and made it useful! Hiking over the roots and rocks with some steady rain broken up by the tree canopy above made it nice and refreshing. Ongoing conversations with the hikers to our left and right made the 2 mile, 1,000’ climb quite bearable!

The brave.

The summit of Chimney Rock was upon us in no time. Thankfully, despite the cloudy skies, the fog was high enough above to still reveal the awesome views! To many of us, the Chimney Rock hike of PA is one of our favorites!

Chimney Rock Summit!

Even with the cold and rain, we worked up a sweat. However, pausing at the windy summit to take in the views made us chilly in a short amount of time! It actually reached 53 degrees!!

HFB Group at the Summit!

View of Michaux State Forest and Waynesboro Reservoir.

We hiked off, heading back down the way we came for our final 2.5 mile decent to the cars. The trip down goes much faster than the trip up!

We passed two very nice Appalachian Trail shelters at the bottom which happens to be a pair of the most well maintained A.T. shelter areas I have ever seen in my 500+ miles of the trail!

From the cars we drove a convoy back to our after party location where we had an awesome slip n’ slide all set up and waiting for us! People trickled in and dried off inside only to warm the bones long enough to again brave the cold. We threw the baiting suits on and hit the water slide! We were surprised how many people gave it a try!

Slip n' Slide!

Everyone brought plenty of food. We grilled, jammed to some music, raced down the water slide, shot pool and played darts—Once again, another fabulous time with my favorite hiking family--the HFB family.

Chris and Leslie :)

Thank you to all who came out, sorry we missed the ones that didn’t, and thank you for sharing your time and a piece of your lives with us!

Much love.

Happy Trails!

Hike for Beer group on Sept 8 in the rain!

#GiveBack – We will soon be gathering the group of volunteers who have recently raised their hand to do some trail maintenance and garbage cleanup. Also, in the next few weeks we will be doing a hike with food and snacks to spread some trail magic to some shelters and hang with the last batch of thru hikers who are doing a flip-flop hike in this area. Cheers!

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