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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Let me tell you, I am SO impressed with this group of amazing people! To have 30 people come out on their Saturday afternoon voluntarily to spend hours picking up trash out in the woods just amazes me. We even had some negative message from a supposed "Trail Coordinator" that claims to work with the park service who was trying to discourage us from going out and cleaning up the trails! Can you believe that? Well, no one was discouraged, rather we were encouraged!

We removed about 60 bags of trash from the hiking trails in the forest, under bridges, along roadways, and in our creeks and water tributary's!

We even removed 2 rubber tires, parts of a couch, a huge pipe, and two hub caps!

Our new member Tim Johnson, farm owner in Urbana, won the "Carried the heaviest, most obnoxious object the furthest distance" award for lugging a big tire all the way down the trail until we got to a dumpster! What a guy!

First time ever even meeting us and he's out there kicking butt. We gave him the trail name: Trash Hog. 🤣🤣

We were definitely pumped to see how much trash we removed from the forest. The hike back was beautiful and trash free!

I must also say some great things about Germantown's new Mexican Restaurant, La Villa Tex Mex Bar & Grill which is in the old Flaming Pit, Germantown off 355.

I know it's a lot to handle when our group comes rolling in with 30 or more people, but they absolutely handled it marvelously!!! We had so much fun with the staff there, and they even gave our entire group a free round of guava margaritas!

This building has seen many restaurants come and go, but I think this awesome Mexican restaurant is here to stay for a while, and I hope it does! We will be back! Check them out online they do a lot of cool stuff including salsa dancing Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m.!

Thanks guys for being so AWESOME!

We will see you out there!


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