Harper's Ferry's Loudoun Heights Climb

As we said in the Corps, "Semper-Gumpy"--Always Flexible! That's what we are folks! Should have known parking was going to be packed on such a lovely day! The weather was perfect! Many parked at the visitor center and enjoyed the shuttle down to the meeting area!

Start of the hike!

Once we all met up, the hike was on! Let me tell you, with all the recent rains, the river was raging!!

Raging Potomac River after much recent rain!

If you do not know where Loudoun Heights is, here is a view that may give you your bearing:

We climbed 900' from the roads surface on the Appalachian trail over approximately 2 miles until we reached the "blue blaze" trail to the left which takes you to the Loudoun Heights overlook. The tricky part is, once you make the climb, you hike along the ridge and then you hike back down 600' to the view! (Look in the image up to the right of L.H.--the ridge along the power line tree break. Starting from outside the photo you hike from right to left, making it down to Loudoun Heights--and then back.)

Joe with the thumbs up on the root scramble

Unfortunately as the laws of physics go, what goes down must come up, and visa versa and all that! So after gaining 900' of altitude, we then lost 600', to turn around and go back up the 600' to go down 900' for a total elevation gain of 1,500'! You following me? Needless to say, we had some doubts and thought the trail was leading us back down to route 340; we are used to the views being at the top of the mountain!

Are we lost yet?

But all the elevation changes were well worth it; and we had our reward!

Great conversations and some really cool new HFB people! During our hike back many expressed feelings of some grumbling stomachs!

We were in luck, because the over at the Guide House Grill (a cool new'ish pub in Knoxville, MD), they knew we were coming! What a great place with some truly good food and a good brew selection! I mean steak fajitas with REAL big hearty chunks of steak inside!

Our newest peeps! Love them!

Great day had by all--as usual! For a hike that kicked off at 11:30am, the last person to leave the pub wasn't until after 8:30pm!

I suggest you get out and enjoy the Harpers Ferry Area! Its a great little historic town with trails, views, and rich history! Until next time.....See you out there! Happy Trails! And remember, GOYA!

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