HFB takes to Mt Airy, MD Trails!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Mount Airy, Maryland! It had been a couple weeks since we had hiked together so the group turn out was huge! Parking at the equestrian trails in Mt Airy is limited so everyone was flexible and made-do!

Group photo at the trail head!

Once we gathered at the trail head and mingled for a while, we took a group photo and then were off! The lower trail section had some puddles and mud due to recent rains, but we hiked out past some really old dilapidated cabins, then out to a creek before taking to the high ground up a steep and rocky hill!

Old Gratified Cabin.

Creek Crossing! We tossed some rocks in place to avoid getting wet!

It was a beautiful stroll through the woods that ended out through a grassy field with equestrian obstacles. It was warm but it is a beautiful patch of forest! So, we had flat wet areas, a creek, a hill climb, and a field!

Equestrian field near the end of the hike.

Then we took the very short drive over to an awesome tucked away swimming hole! We laid blankets on the shore, jumped in, and cooled off in the spring fed waters! We even found a fresh water eel!

Swimming hole and lunch!

Swimming hole and lunch!

Fresh water eel!

Terrific day, and no better way than to head over to Red Shedman Brewery at Linganore Winery! If you have not yet been to Red Shedman Brewery, you should add it to your list! Beautiful Farm setting with many beer options...and food too!

Red Shedman Brewery!

Red Shedman Brewery!

Red Shedman Brewery!

All and all, it was another great day! Thank you all for coming out and we'll see you on the next one! If you have not made it on an HFB hike yet, have no fear! Everyone is super welcoming and friendly so come on out to the next one! >This Blog entry written by Realtor Brandon Swisher.

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