Appalachian Trail Clean Up

Come out with us as we laugh, hike and and pick up trash on some of the more crowded trail sections!  This is an easy way to get out, hike and do something good at the same time!  And, most likely... there will be a brewery at the end!  ;)

Cutting New Trails 

Occasionally we run into opportunities where new trail needs to be cut.  Sometimes this will be on private lands where we have been granted access to hike and do brew tastings in exchange for a little trail cutting!

Kids Hike | Taking Troubled Youth into Nature

For those who have a heart for our local youth, here is a good way to connect in the simple basics nature has to offer.  Its an easy way for talking to flow in a safe environment and giving your time to these guys and gals makes a huge impact!

Bench and Bridge Building | Hiking Easier

We've all enjoyed sitting on a bench at the top of a long hill climb or staying dry over creek crossings.  These things have to be built!  If you have any carpentry or handyman experience and feel called to lend a hand on one of these projects, please let us know!

Let us know you may be interested in giving back!

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