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1.) Wine and Brew Education Hike

Learn how different soil elements and seasonal variations in climate play a major role in our award winning wines and brews during this 1.5 mile hiking tour!


2.) Hill Climb Hail Mary

You are sure to get your workout in on this one! It's a race to the top during this 90 minute fast-roping obstical course led by US Military O.E.F. Veteran trained in the jungles of Japan in this fine art! And yes, there is a cold brew at the end awaiting your arrival as your reward!


3.) History of Beer Hike

Learn all about the creation of beer and what goes into its labor of love as you try and discover what hops you love most during this 1.5 mile tour!


4.) Beer Run

Get your workout in! You must successfully complete six stations using your physical and mental abilities. Some say it gets tougher as you go, some say it gets easier! Either way, we'll be gathering on the patio afterwards to celebrate the winning team and jam out to some live music!


5.) Mine for Wine | Scavenger Hunt

Get your map and key! Legend has it there were some forward thinkers during the prohibition era who buried some treasure for bartering purposes when things were to get tough! We recently uncovered maps of treasures never which were never recovered on the 150 acre property! What you unearth is yours to sample! (1 mile hike with twelve discovery opportunities).


6.) Wine thru the Pines

Sip on a glass of wine through this 1.5 mile guided art tour hike through the pines! Feel free to bring chocolates to sample along the way!


7.) Wine Down Meditation Hike & Picnic 

Bring a backpack and a blanket! Purchase a bottle of wine and snacks at the vineyard before departure! We will set off on a 2 mile hike from the vineyard through some of northern Maryland's beautiful forest lands. At a clearing in the woods we will circle up and for a relaxing picnic with wine and chocolate! Music will play and games will be offered, including frisbee and hobo ball!


8.) Yoga Hike

Hike to a mystic clearing in the middle of the forest for a grand Yoga session with instructor Michelle Grimes! You will get your workout in and earn that post hike beverage on the vineyards patio!


9.) Spirits in the Forest Hike

Spirit tasting tour in the woods during a 1.5 mile stroll through unpaved trails featuring seven different spirit tasting stations! Enjoy!


10.) Still on the Hill

Educational Hike featuring the history of stills and moonshine in the 1800's. See a real still and learn historic methods used in making 'shine compared to our modern sanitary methods today in controlled environments! Hear stories of how things have gone badly wrong in the days of past!

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