HFB Testimonials

Cheryl Bingham

I love this group! I've been hiking with HFB for just under a year, have hiked with them at least 10-15 times. I always meet friendly and great people. To me this is exactly what Meet up is for. They make people comfortable and welcomed. I've had other hiking groups feel awkward and unwelcoming so I can't say enough about how important this is. Thank you to the leaders of this group who work hard to arrange awesome hikes!



Not so much a beer drinker, but plenty of wonderful people I know are. So I joined the group expecting a fun, diverse, welcoming group of people who like to hike, and that's EXACTLY what I have found. The group details indicate "mostly" 20's - 40's, so this "old lady" has made lots of "young" friends! Another appeal, after having only lived in Frederick for 4 years was the chance to explore and discover "my own new-to-me backyard" with people in the know, which Brandon and the other leaders definitely are!  I am a member of 10 different MeetUp groups so have enough exposure to be a reasonable judge and Hike For Beer sets a prime example of what the premise of a MeetUp group should be. 

Michael Lange

HFB has afforded me an opportunity to meet some outstanding people. I feel I have met lifelong friends.



Hike for Beer is awesome! With most hiking clubs, you go to the trail head, hike. and then basically disperse. You may never again see the person you were just talking to on the trail. With Hike for Beer, the whole idea is to hike, but equally important, is the opportunity to socialize and get to know people that extends beyond the hike itself. Brandon had created a real community of buddies and friends that can last a lifetime. Very special!



Victor E Buckwold
PhD. Frederick MD

The HFB group is a friendly, inclusive, warm, and supportive collection of like-minded good people who share a common love of hiking and beer drinking. I have participated in MeetUp.com groups across about 7 States and Provinces and I can assure you that this is a cool group that exemplifies the intent and mission of meetup.com.


Cindy Sw.

I haven't joined a hike yet because of a minor foot injury shortly after I signed up, but all interactions with the group online indicate that this is a polite, fun group and I very much look forward to my first. It's going to be great to have guidance finding trails and views. My husband, who's in a band, confirmed how much fun HFB is when some of the hikers watched one of their shows recently after an outing. He said they definitely know how to have a good time together!


Sam Unsworth

I have never met a more friendly, fun, caring group of people. HFB is a positive force for good. I urge you to come to an event and see for yourself. We welcome you!


Mike S.

Brandon - I have been a member of HFB since the Summer of 2017 and have attended at least 10 of the Meetup events. Having to take care of a terminally ill family member, the HFB hikes are my one true escape. The hikes were well planned and the people I have met are truly remarkable. Never once have I witnessed anything that the organizers of HFB should be chastised for or embarrassed by. The loss of this Meetup group would be a travesty to both myself personally and to its incredible membership.



Kristin Chapman

Thanks to Hike For Beer, I am getting out of my house, getting active and meeting great people, while trying delicious beers and new and fun places. Without I’d still be fighting the good fight against PTSD.  Without a doubt, these guys are lifesavers!!


Joyce Halbert Duffy

HFB came along exactly when I needed it most and I couldn't be more grateful. It's gotten me up and out and engaged in life and I've made the best friends. Everyone is friendly, warm and welcoming and I would recommend this group to anyone.


Amanda McGannon

Since joining Hike For Beer I have made so many friends with members of all ages and backgrounds. I have so much fun and appreciate the commitment of the group leaders in making sure everyone feels welcome. I’ve also experienced some really great hikes and lost a few pounds which is AWESOME! This group has become so special to me. I look forward to each and every Hike for beer meetup event! They’re my friends! 💕🙏💫



I am a proud member of Hike For Beer. I am a graduate of NOLS & an employee of the Department of Homeland Security. I love this group. The people are so welcoming and friendly. Brandon goes beyond any other meetup organizer I have met.  Brandon knows everyone, he personally explores each trail and maps it prior to each event. He informs us of the local laws & even parking rules. He provides maps and does a head count at least 3 times per event. He cares. All levels are welcome. Finally, this group is made up of many retired military, many medical professionals, and many people like myself with a love of the woods and the communities they encompass. Thank God for this group, you are lucky to have them associated with meetup. Hike For Beer is full of nature lovers, preservation seekers, and they even help the homeless and community at large. Meetup should be proud. Michael Melletz


Sandra Hinman

Hike for Beer is a great combination of fantastic outdoor exercise and fun social interaction. The people in the group include different generations (over 21 years of age), genders, backgrounds and cultures and we all bond over hiking and beer, food, wine, chocolate etc.... This is a great group to be part of.



HFB is an outstanding group - it has provided wonderful hiking opportunities in addition to social happy hour opportunities. I have found this group to be inclusive of all, unlike some other meet up groups out there that discriminate on the basis of age. The hike leaders are very friendly and welcoming, as are the members. Without hesitation, I will continue to recommend this group to others.



I've been on four hikes in 2018 with the HFB group. Every hike was well organized and a lot of fun. I've made some great new friends because of this group.



In my experience, HFB is a welcoming and inclusive group that provides an opportunity for like-minded people to explore local trails and socialize. The organizers are mindful of safety issues and ensure no one is left behind during hikes or other camping activities. Additionally, the group organizer proactively removed a former member who was sexually harassing females within the group. I highly recommend participation to prospective members and cannot think of any legitimate justification for disbandment of HFB within the Meetup platform. Personally, I have benefited from the friendships formed with HFB members and the exercise while enjoying the outdoors.



I’ve only done one Meetup with this group so far since I’m in northern Virginia but it was well worth the drive and I had a great time! Thank you!



I am a member of many groups and HFB is by far the most professional, organized, informative group I am in. This group consists of professional business men and women, from all walks of life with a passion for the outdoors. The leadership of this group is second to none, a distinguished veteran who fought for his country. I am honored and proud to say, I am a member of this group.


William Brechka

HFB is a group of great people you enjoy the outdoors and treat everyone as if their family.


Debbie (British Trail Mom)

2 Years ago my husband passed away to cancer I joined HFB last summer it is a very kind & caring group of great men & women & I met my wonderful boyfriend Rahn out of it !!!



Ive been a member of HFB for several months. They are a great group of people of a wide age range and athletic abilities. They are friendly, welcoming and helpful. They are also respectful of others and of the hiking and recreation areas we use. Through hiking with them I have made some good friends, increased my hiking endurance, and experienced new places. I highly recommend this group.


Brian Guenther

Hike for Beer's events are the most consistently well attended I have ever seen for a meetup. With an average of 60 people or more per event. They are also one of the most diverse groups, with people of many ages and personalities coming together. Perhaps because of the high volume of people and diversity, occasionally someone who is anti-social may join. I have never met anyone who was unpleasant at the group, but it seems that others have. These types of people are an almost insignificant proportion of the HFB membership base. Please don't let one toxic/ill person ruin our community.


Aviva Kafka

HFB is my favorite MU group for many reasons. To list a very few:
-Allows me to bring others along for events
-Has never attempted to illicit $ from members, even when other members extend themselves for the group
-Meet new folks
-Find new breweries/manors/restaurants/trails/parks/watersheds in my own neighborhood (still pretty new in town)
-Zero threats, ostracizing, or getting kicked out for no-shows or last-minute cancellations

-Friendly, responsive, concerned, and outgoing organizers and members
-Hikes in different counties
-Group vacation opportunities available (this is awesome for single folks)
-My daughter did her very first hike with this group and fell in love with hiking. We have always felt welcomed =)
-fun, chill happy hours
-hiking and beer!!!
What a combo!


Rahn Ferguson

HFB is one of the most open and caring group of like minded people I have ever met. There is enough drama in your ever day life and this is a great group to hike with,meet new people and unwind and be yourself with friends of all backgrounds. Thanks Brandon for starting this group! It was perfect for me after my divorce!! And I got a new girlfriend out of it!



HFB has been a very welcoming group!! Any opportunity to meet like minded people and have a good time is essential in bringing community together. HFB has a niche and many active members. Thanks Brandon for all you do and I look forward to many more events!!


This is a very diverse group of people that enjoy the outdoors and socializing. This is not necessarily a group that is a fit for those that need their hands held to hike, that is clearly outlined in the group description that emphasizes self-responsibility. But many that come on these hikes have extensive backgrounds in fieldcraft, the military, law enforcement, medical and emergency services and will be first to assist if there is a need. HFB meets the needs and interests of so many hikers that it should continue to be encouraged to take its own unique path.


Chris Frazier

Nothing profound from me. My HFB family has been unambiguous in their love for this group. HFB should be the gold standard for what a “MeetUp” group actually is.


Benjamin Baughman

I’ve met several veterans, active duty enlisted/officers, teachers, nurses, police officers, business owners, and other outstanding members of this great nation. Every hike that I’ve been on has been filled with intriguing conversations involving everything from politics, business ideas, mentorships, healthy living, as well as laughter and fun. If you have problems with this group, I can almost certainly guarantee that you are a miserable fool in this game of life. I haven’t met a psychiatrist here yet...perhaps if a psychiatrist joined, we could please everybody? This is an amazing group of men and women.

This is an amazing group of men and women.I’ve met several veterans, active duty enlisted/officers, teachers, nurses, police officers, business owners, and other outstanding members of this great nation. Every hike that I’ve been on has been filled with intriguing conversations involving everything from politics, business ideas, mentorships, healthy living, as well as laughter and fun.



Definitely need more groups like this! Great people who enjoy the same things in life. Couldn't be apart of a better group! Hike on!


Melissa Jackson

I have not done any hikes yet but this group seems like it is full of nice honest fun people. Hopefully in near future I will attend a meet up group.

Pamela Esposito
Awesome group and host! Went to my first HFB hike last week and had lots of fun. Great hiking spot too. Looking forward to many more HFB!

HFB has donated to food kitchens and blankets and coats for the homeless. Because, we're just good people. : )


Kelly Jones

We do community outreaches pretty routinely, on smaller scales, but we totally rocked this winter.

Thank you Brandon for making us the BEST HIKING GROUP. Big thanks to the group for making me feel so welcome. I have so much FUN!!!